Our project.

Victual Clinic is an application built around an “expert system” available online from a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone. The goal of Virtual Clinic is to prepare, accompany and follow the work done by the doctor and their patients by outsourcing a part of the tasks to this IT project.

A valuable amount of time could then be saved, which would allow the doctor to work further on his consultation. The doctor will be able to use rigorous, comprehensive and quantified information provided by the patient, who will not suffer from the stress generated by a consultation. If need be, the patient can get help from a third party. The patient simply “enters” the program (four questions) and depending on their answers, they will then be guided step by step by the expert system. A summary is then sent to the doctor in real time. Not only will it save time, reduce the number of staff and lower the risk of error, it will also create an extremely vast database from an epidemiologic and a scientific point of view. Therapeutic follow-ups are also possible: they will provide information to the doctor (literature) and to the patient depending on their condition.

The initial purpose of the Virtual Clinic project is to be used in different contexts and languages. At first, it will be implemented in pathologies related to sleep disorders. Afterwards, it is expected to be applied to other conditions, such as psychological disorders and allergies.

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