Virtual Clinic is an application designed to prepare, assist and monitor the work of the doctor and his patient by outsourcing some jobs to computers. Valuable time is thus freed to allow the doctor to deepen its consultation.

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Focusing on both the patient and the medical work, our goals are plural and aim to considerably improve the current report, management and use of data collected for scientific purposes and communication to our patient base .

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Based multilingual tool, our approach systematized preliminary examination so very structured. Patients and doctors use the technology at their disposal to communicate more effectively, without wasting time and without constraints.

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The artificial intelligence in the service of medical professionals

In our time, we can not content ourselves with estimates such as “Is the patient nervous, anxious or depressed?”, “To what degree he is?”, “Is it a cause or a consequence ? “… That’s why we designed and systematized Virtual Clinic, a modern application that effectively lay the foundations for a relevant diagnosis of sleep disorders.


The development of simple and available on different media is spreading IT tools and is simple to use. The field of “e-medicine” is a promising future.

Dr Lachman, Virtual Clinic

Sleep disorders

The management of sleep disorders requires a real investigation.

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