Our goals.

We have a four-level goal:

First of all, we wish to offer the patient the opportunity to calmly and extensively express their grievances, while being guided by the expert system. They will not be under the stress of a time-restricted consultation, rather, they will be in an environment allowing them to free themselves from their most intimate or even psychological grievances. The questionnaire layout will help them organize their thoughts and even have their attention drawn to grievances that are not necessarily linked to their problems. This could be discussed during consultation.

The second part of our objective is to enable the doctor to focus on the aspects highlighted by Virtual Clinic and investigate further on the issue. The doctor and the staff will be freed from tedious, time-consuming, paper-laden tasks (grievances list, questionnaires) and calculations subject to encoding errors. As soon as the patient has completed his Virtual Clinic journey, a report on the results will be sent to the doctor, and the patient will be told when they can get in touch with the practitioner again.

The report will include: the patient’s signage, biometry, medical history, current treatment, grievances ranked by frequency and intensity, the results and interpretation of the questionnaire, a diagnostic orientation and so on. In this way, the doctor will have invaluable information at their disposal that will help them reach a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. Nothing is easier in terms of patient follow-up and treatment efficiency. Repeating the process will allow for a comparison on the evolution of the patient’s grievances and signs over time.

From a scientific point of view, the objective is to share a truly comprehensive, rich database with all users. Depending on the number of users, we could quickly gather thousands or even tens of thousands of files that would help carry out epidemiological studies on large populations, select target groups for studies, etc. We could thus contribute to the understanding of sleep study, a relatively new discipline. Virtual Clinic has been created with the intent to be used in this field.

Finally the last objective relates to communication: Virtual Clinic will be able to keep groups of patients sharing the same diagnosis updated on the latest therapeutic developments, new administrative rules, etc.

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